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As usual, we will start describing the layout from the entrance area. In the hall we placed a dressing room and organized a small room for storing various things. A pantry of such a plan is always needed in a private house, especially if there is no garage. In general, the organization of places for storage is a very important issue for housing of any area and level, so along the entire wall in the hall will be located a huge wardrobe closet. Next to it is a niche with a mirror and a place for a poufik to sit down.


Bypassing the bathroom door, one enters the living room. This is the main room in the house. The living room in this case is combined with the kitchen. The result is a huge space with high ceilings. There is also a place for storing kitchen utensils and various appliances, which are not used on a regular basis, but are taken out on occasion. You can also place additional refrigerators or store food here. Such a pantry is already a mandatory element in our projects, as our clients have appreciated its convenience. The countertop in the cooking area is located by the window. When cooking, you will be able to admire the living green hedge.

Next to the dining area is a huge sliding system. It is 3 meters high and 2 meters wide. When you step out of it, you can get to the terrace. This is the south side, so in the future we are going to add a large canopy to cut off the bright sun. This visor will make the terrace comfortable all day long, even in hot weather.

Also in the living room there is a staircase leading to the second floor. We try to make the steps at the design stage. The drawings contain ready-made technical solutions. The result is the effect of floating steps. For this purpose, reinforcements are put into the wall at the stage of its construction.


On this level are a bedroom and two small children’s rooms. Unlike the first floor, the windows here are not all the way to the floor. This is done in order to be able to hang an ordinary radiator under the windows – the most efficient heating device for today. The windows in this house deserve a special mention. In this project they are installed in the technique of remote installation, when the plane of the glass coincides with the plane of the ventilated facade.

This is the end of the description of this object, but ahead we have many more interesting publications, where we will tell about all the subtleties of architecture and design of premises. Follow the updates of our blog to not miss the latest publications.

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